The Beginning

“You’re on my mind every day and every night,” say one of my favorite bands, the Super Furry Animals. Starting a blog has been on my mind for a very long time. People asked for it, and here I am kindly providing an output for my creative genius to benefit all. I will turn your mind into shit. Just look at what I have to say and if you think about it, it will reveal more than you expect.

Is what I have to say really that important? probably not, but I will make you wonder. I do have a few things on my mind I would like to tell all of my readers. Will you listen? I dare you

I have just finished reading Stephen King’s best work of fiction he has ever written, The Dark Tower. It is a mind-blowing series of epic proportions that rivals Lord of the Rings in my opinion. It took me nearly 3 months to read this long 7-book series. Every book is monumentally different from each of the others. The opening sentence in the first book, The Gunslinger, is intriguing in itself. It reads “The man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed.” Not a very long sentence, but an interesting one. Just reading that already has you wondering and wanting more. The rest of the book surely provides that. Riddled with violence, romance, mystery, and suspense, The Gunslinger provides for an excellent work-out of the imagination. It had me thinking myself into a frenzy. the end had me begging for more.

The rest of the series provides lots of answers to questions posed in the first book. What i learned in the second book completely threw me for a loop and had me second-guessing Stephen King’s sanity. The sort of things he wrote about would be completely out of the question for most writers. here is no doubt King has a wonderfully vibrant imagination. i do not want to expose what happens in the rest of the series until my readers have had a chance to complete The Gunslinger. But if you enjoy entering the world of fantasy, I would urge you to read The Dark Tower. Let me just tell you the end of the last book had me drowning in my own tears. My mother did not like the ending, whereas I absolutely loved it. But she is definitely a fan of the “everyone lived happily ever after” ending. This is not so with The Dark Tower, but the series is a must-read.

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