Laws of Life

Well I decided that I’d post a piece of writing I did last year and won an award for (got a whole $75.00!). The premise of the paper was to write about a law that you live by and the story behind it.


A law of life is something that people live by. Some laws are good and some laws are bad. These laws are usually based on common sense or past experiences. The strongest laws are ones that combine both. I have a law that is strong like this which I use everyday. The law states that I must swallow my pride and listen to what people are telling me even if I don’t agree.

I made this law based on the two ways life laws are made. I thought this law to have a lot of common sense for multiple reasons. Through various experiences I realized that I might actually be wrong about things I had been previously so sure about. As hard as it was I had to let go of my pride and actually listen for once. Once I let go of my pride and started to listen I came upon some wisdom that I hold close to my heart even until this day.

I started talking to my friend about God. I was positive that there wasn’t such a thing. I wouldn’t listen to my friend about all these facts he was giving me. It was a decision that I was still very unsure about, and frankly didn’t want to talk about. I was always trying to rule out the possibility of a “Creator” or “God” and my pride was getting in the way of me learning the truth about God’s existence. We would talk about it and he would try to convince me yet I would not listen. One day I decided that instead of not listening I would pay attention and take my friend’s points into consideration.

I had gotten to thinking about what I believed to be true, about how this world came into existence. It was so abnormal yet the way I thought was based on pure chance and frankly dumb luck. I had previously believed that existence had just appeared in some primordial soup; however I realized that the odds of that actually happening were astronomical.

The world I had created in my mind suddenly stopped moving. The world of “logic and science only” was turned on its head. I would think to myself, “It just can’t be that simple…” and I was wrong once again. It was that simple.

It was as if God had been telling me all along “Justin you idiot, stop trying to rule me out that’s impossible instead take me into consideration.” I swallowed my pride and that night accepted God’s existence to be true. This was one of the most important decisions I’ve come to and ever since then my life has just continued to get better and better, and all I had to do was swallow my pride.

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