Cleveland’s First Championship In 43 Years and America’s Destruction

No, the Cleveland Indians did not win the World Series this year and it was indeed dissapointing. I’m getting over Tribe withdrawl at about this time after spending 8 months with them from spring training through the American League Championship Series. If you are into the Iron Chef television program on Food Network, you might know that Cleveland finally brought home a championship. Iron Chef is a television show where a challenger chef faces an Iron Chef in a hour long battle in which they prepare dishes using a “secret” ingredient. One of the Iron Chefs left the show so they were looking for a replacement. The replacement would be the winner of The Next Iron Chef television show. The winner of the show after several grueling challenges was Cleveland’s own Michael Symon, who owns two restaurants in Cleveland, Lola and Lolita. It’s an exciting victory that will give the Cleveland culinary and downtown scene more notoriety. It might not be Cleveland’s first “big three” professional sports championship in 43 years, but it is good for Cleveland.

Is America facing self-destruction? Is the moral relativism of post-modernism something that can not be overcome? Americans continue to justify wrong. Selfishness and independence are largely now considered to be virtuous. The fall of the American family has destroyed American culture. Many schools can barely function as places of learning because children simply have no respect for others nor authority. Most schools do not need more money to perform better, they are the victim of areas with poor cultures. A breed of people with no respect may ultimately lead to the fall of the American Empire. Every empire does have to fall at some point.

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