Experiences with my iPod

Have you been considering the purchase of an MP3 player? If I were you, I would not get an iPod unless you are willing to sacrifice functionality for trend following. The iPod has some limitations, despite the extreme popularity of them.

They do look cool. The click wheel is nice. I received the 8GB iPod Nano as a gift as it is extremely small in light of its capabilities. The video screen looks great. Aside from this, there are some problems.

You can only put songs on the iPod from one computer. If you are at someone’s house and wanted to put one of their songs on your iPod to complete a playlist or even a song from another one of your own computers, you must erase the contents of the iPod.

You can not dump music from your iPod onto another computer.

The necessary file conversion software and media player, iTunes, is not as great as people claim. People used to tell me to download it even before I had an iPod. I never did, and I am glad. The media player is extremely weak when compared to other players like MediaMonkey, Winamp, or even Windows Media Player. Music can also be purchased through iTunes, which seems to be Apple’s main concern with the design of the iPod and necessity of iTunes.

If you want to charge your iPod through a home or car outlet, you will need to purchase extra cables.

One big claim by Apple and its supporters is its compatibility prowess. This seems somewhat paradoxical to me because I hear the same Apple users say they do not trust third-party accessories because they might “mess up” the iPod. Instead, they opt for Apple’s extremely expensive accessories (for example, a power adapter is $29).

And of course, iPods are more expensive than MP3 players.

Nevertheless, I got mine for free, and I am going to use it. I have purchased third-party accessories, however.

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