Marriage is Tight

So I got married and stuff right. Been reading and studying the word, been praying alone and with the wife. Been getting my chill thing back on after a long period of not meeting because of holidays class schedules and honeymoon. All this and I think to myself that there are no real issues to think of right now. And I think “uh oh.” There are things going on that I am either not aware of or that I am so used to that it doesnt seem as a problem.  What could it be? Reading Men and Women has been the very usefull in putting my finger on the problem. Even during periods of appearing others centered, I am still selfcentered. If I focusing on others, more often than not is it to fix the relationship in order to make the relationship bearable. So it is more than just doing things for people that make others feel loved. It is genuinely careing for their well being and figuring out a way to display that. I have several ways that I have been told that made others feel very loved and they were:

1. Checking up on past problems, and not always focusing on problems

2. Random calls and/or get togethers

3. Fnding something the other person likes, and they know that you dont, and doing that.

This not being a comprehensive list, but its enought to see my point.

Anyway just wanted to share that. Peace.

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