What should mike do?

So I’ve basically wasted today. I slept untill 1pm and then didn’t really accomplish anything. I’m not really good at the whole “not working” thing. The problem is that when there is literaly nothing that must get done on a day, I tend to not be motivated to do anything.
So I’ve decided that I should make my decisions American Idol style. Please cast your vote for what Mike should do tommorow by posting a comment with the number of your selection in it.

    1. do something funny to mess with marc.(like make an army of snowmen and place them in tight ranks in his garage or move all the buttons on his pants in 1 inch)

    2. spend the day studying all of the Love ethics material we have.

    3. finish the puzzle i’ve been working on since I got married

    4. start writing a novel about a hip urban penguin who moves to the country to become a farmer and hilarity insues

    5. See if I can break the world record for how many blogs 1 person can post in a day

    6. find something to do to serve somebody besides myself

    7. This is the “make your own” option. Just put the number 7 in your vote followed by what your idea is

Ok, well thanks for your participation. and stay tuned for the results!

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