I have a burden. The burden is for missions. And there is a lingering  thought that comes with it.:”Is it a real burden?” This has been a mighty struggle. Having thoughts of traveling so far from my comfort zone leaves me feeling almost giddy. I mean look at all thos missionaries who speak so powerfully in perspectives class and through movies (End of the Spear.) I need to be carefull to not respond to the great commsion with emotions only. Through consistent prayer, council, and perpectives class combined with an open heart to what the Lord is asking of me I have been able to say that the burden is real. Its time to start thinking about it realisticly. I am not going to be able to go out there if I cannot learn to effectively minister where I am. Also looking at my current priorities and how its been a battle centerd around comfort, I know that there are heart issues that I need to work out with God. Patience has always been my vice and I do have another lingering fear. “Will I act on this burden?”The only way I can help missions right now at this moment in time is prayer and financial giving. Which is great if I know who needs prayer. The missions prayer meeting has been great for this. CHECK IT OUT!

Being able to deal with spiritual attack is another key to being missions minded, especially if the plan is to go. I feel that I havnt a clue what spiritual attack is. Sure I feel the pull from the world but nothing like the lies, deceit, and mystical holds Satan has on many unreached cultures. Some things that we think can only be manufactured in hollywood may be going on all over the world!  Its a hard thing to take in but since Satans plan with us works so effective, he has no need to try anything else in the U.S.

So overall I think my burden is two fold, to work toward the missions field and to help bring knowledge of the lost to our fellowship.

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