Pet Cemetary

Did you know that there are actual Pet Cemetaries? I had no clue. You can actually buy a plot of land, a casket and have a service for your pet. Or you can choose to have it cremated.

So, I was working out on Monday when I found myself listening in a very interesting conversation. It was about burying your pet vs. having it cremated. I remembered around Christmas time Joe had a post about the commercials for buying stuff for your pets, so I thought this would interest some of you.

One lady in the conversation decided not to have her pet buried because she doesn’t plan to live in Ohio the rest of her life. If she had her pet dog buried then she wouldn’t be able to take it with her. She had no plans to come back regularly and visit the grave. So, she had it cremated now she can take it with her when she moves. Another girl paid $400.00 to have her dog cremated. I do remember a gal in our church who had her cat stuffed and she kept it in the attack.

I naively asked the question, “Don’t people just bury their animals in the back yard anymore?” Well, I didn’t realize that would be so offensive. Now I know.

I think a good business to get into would be the funeral and cemetary business. You must be able to make a lot of dough. Well, I am going to rebel and ask to be cremated (Rick can burn me in the fire pit in the back yard) and throw my remains over the Smoky Mountains or some such place.

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