Mother Earth

So I was catching up on some news online and ran accross this quote “The enduring hostility to wolves still exists,” said Earthjustice attorney Doug Honnold, who is preparing the lawsuit. “We’re going to have hundreds of wolves killed under state management. It’s a sad day for our wolves.” Sound like a bad movie to anyone else?
This quote comes from a story about taking wolves off of the endangered species list. I can’t help but think of that “grizzly man” character. Coming from a guy who always liked wolves and has watched this whole “re-population thing” go down, these people are crazy. Their main argument against taking these wolves off the endangered species list is becuase people still don’t like them?
I think the thing that makes me laugh about the above quote is how this lawyer comes off like people should really love wolves, I get this picture in my head of somebody sending their children off to play with the wolves while mama fixes supper and finishes the daily laundry.


defenseless Mother Nature In desperate need of our help!

Aren’t there some things in life we’re suppossed to be hostile towards?

There was a time when fighting wasn’t the worst thing a man could do, and when not liking animals that can and will eat your children was acceptable. I understand that sometimes people errored on the side of too much hostility but post-modern america keeps telling me not to get mad about anything but the christian right and people harming the environment.
Well thanks but no thanks, I think I should decide what is worth being mad at. That’s probably the most freightening thing to post modern thinkers, and why christians should pose a threat. We should be able to choose against the wave of common thought, a feat that today’s soceity, like every society of old, does not like.

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