Lab Leader

So in Chemistry class we do labs and boring stuff. But labs are better. We get into Lab groups and the teacher appoints a leader for each group by saying stuff like: “Whoever has the birthday that’s closest to Christmas is the leader of the group.” This is all very creative and all, but this wonderful little technique always lands me the lab-ruler position or whatever it is. I’ve gotten all 7-8 times. I remember there was a crazy one like “whoever has a dog with the name that starts with the letter closest to the letter J”. Where did my exquisite teacher get that one? Of course I got the position, because as most of you know, my late dog’s name was ‘junior’. Today’s happened to be “Whoever’s Middle name ends in the letter closest to ‘A’.” Guess what my middle name is: Kristina. So I’m lab leader yet again. I didn’t really want to be, because this one girl in my group looked really excited about maybe being a lab leader, but her middle name is mary. How’re you going to get anywhere with a middle name of mary? Whatever, I don’t even think this little thing is blogworthy, but  I thought it was funny, and I don’t want to do homework. What’s new.

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