Back Again

Well, I’ve decided to come back to my blog, after I found out my user name again. Within the next couple days I’m going to think of a new topic and blog about it. I think this might be a good way to deal with my laziness as well as my inability to focus.

I’ve renamed my blog “The Pong Game That Is My Brain” for an analogy I thought up about a month ago. I’ve been having trouble focusing lately and so I thought up this analogy to describe it. The Idea was that my brain is like a game of Pong that is circular and with many Pong paddles. Each paddle represents a new idea and when the ball bounces on it, it that’s where my brain shifts toward. That’s why sometimes if you talk to me, it seems like I just completely switched to a new topic without a transition.

I want to write on a good topic next time, so I’ll be thinking of some, but suggestions are always helpful if anyone has any. I don’t really know what people usually blog about so I’m gonna be pretty lost. Well, I’ve got major work to do, I’ll post back by Saturday I hope.

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