Prom: The Lion’s Den

Love is in the air. Girls are primming up for what they hope to be the highlight of their high school careers. Beauty shops across the country explode with business from a year of girls striving for that ideal look. Boys are thinking of the perfect way to flaunt their cash as if it has no end.
Of course, everyone knows you MUST go to prom. That is a given. There must be something wrong with the one who chooses differently. Pressure for one to find a date, any date, is almost insurmountable. pressure not only from the school and fellow peers, but from parents, as if their kid getting smashed, gettin’ low on the dance floor, and getting laid afterwards is a positive reflection of their parenting. Today, Social society’s rules command complete and mindless obedience.

rule 1: If you miss prom, you are a social outcast. You don’t want to be a reject do you?

rule 2: nothing is too expensive on prom night. Dazzle your date fine dining and exotic flowers. Don’t forget the limo!

rule 3: get laid!

Prom promises endless fun and stimulation, followed by cherished and fond memories. I have yet to meet the one who flaunts their prom pictures as if they are something to be proud of. Most stories I hear are either extremely debauched or embarrassing. Are such things really worth the hundreds of dollars people invest? It seems at the end of the day, the one with the biggest savings is the one who got the most from their prom night. As far as outreach goes, who will want to do anything with Body of Christ when they have all the stimulation they could want within arm’s reach?

Personally, i would rather spend an evening spiritually edifying with my freshmen, sophomore and junior brothers and sisters.

I don’t mean to preach, but I think it fair people hear the other side of the argument.

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