Second Chances

well this is it my 1st blog. lets see what do i talk about. I can talk about anything even my problems. And we all know i have problems…. haha. Oh boy

 Well lets start out with problem number 1.. it goes by the name of PROM. is it a good ole time? I dont know, personally im kinda scared cause here we have this girl who i used to think i loved but now the thing i want most is just to have her friendship.  At first we were all going to be selfish, but then we invited our outreach to come and be in our Prom group too. Jon Ivins this dude has been a good friend of mine since 4th grade summer school.  We were pals back in the day, then i didnt see him for a good number of years. Then comes freshman year of highschool, he is in my homeroom, he actually remembered me it was pretty cool seein him again.  Then two years later i became a christian, and he was one of the first guys i tried to invite. It didnt work out too well, mainly cause i was but a young little christian and i didnt know how to properly evangalize.  Now with two strong fulfilling years under my belt i can try again.  Praise God for giving me a second chance. 

Now a more knowledgeable Mikey is on the scene two years of serving the Lord and strengthening my walk with Him.  I am truley blessed to have been giving the gifts that i have. I do not deserve them thats for sure, and sometimes i wished i didnt have these gifts either.  People tell me i have the gift of teaching, its a ruff one to have.  Many of the elders of the church say i have this gift and maybe i do.  But Dodd damn dude its soooooo stressfull.  You dont even know stress until you teach a homechurch.

And now Prom is on! Funny story that i will share with you.  So when i asked the lucky lady if she would go to homecoming with me she said no, i also asked her on the same summer night if she would go to Prom with me, she said no again.  Well that was back in the summer.  She eventually went to homecoming with me. Then we hit a road block, it was ruff to say the least.  Then bam she agrees to go to Prom with me.  Its funny how things turn out.  I dont know if this is a second chance or what but this time i wont screw things up. 

it all goes down at 5.5– pick up me date and take pictures until like 7.

 7-9 dinner at the pufferbelly

9-midnite-Prom dance

midnite-2am- AfterProm

2am-6am-either sleepy time or movie time

6am-8am-get ready for Cedar Point

8am-11pm cedar point

and then my last week as a high school student begins

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