What happened at Red Roof Inn

Well Prom was amazing, after-prom was more amazing, and cedar point the most amazing. This weekend had to be one of the best weekends of my life thus far.

 I dont really want to get into details but i will talk about the most important things.

We were not totally selfish, i think its because of what happened when i first went to go pick up anele.  I walk in and Indre asks if we want to get into some prayer.  OMG! that had to have been the smartest thing ever.  It was a good prayer… we were able to get into the spirit right off the bat, thank God Indre was there to help us keep our smarts.  I think that also helped with outreach, and keeping us focused on other people rather than ourselves.  Good old Jon Ivins and his date had a good time, and good thing we were there sharing good times with them.  The first step to successful outreach is spending time with them and making them feel loved. 

Jimmy my main man was there too.  He didnt have the best time, his date was a bitch she totally left him to dance with some dickhead.  Jimmy was not happy, so i decided to spend some time with him and hang with him at the dance.  His day wasnt a total waste, cause i was there to brighten his day.  AfterProm came along, and again Jimmys date was whore-ing it up.  Anele and myself hung out with Jimmy at the after-prom, we also spent some time getting to know jimmys friend/ aneles neighbor.. Tyler and his girlfriend Gina.  They were pretty cool, but they were pretty tired mainly cause after prom was late at nite at around 2am.  We also hung with taylor ayers for a bit.  I dont know why but like everytime i would be walking around with ma date, i would find Mrs. Smalley following me, it was kinda creepy it was like i was being watched all night long.  It was really messed up cause some people got mad that i was spending too much time with anele, why wouldnt I, she is my date to prom.. no im not going to hang out with her im just going to go and do my own thing…. psh!  I saw so many of my old friends at After Prom, it was good times.

Then at Cedar Point Jimmy and his date showed up, and she actually hung out with him.  But she was still being a bitch, jimmy got pissed but it was okay cause anele and myself were there again to brighten his day… tyler was also there too with his girlfriend.  David Brown and his date allison kolsar were there at cedar point as well, they are good friends with jimmy and so we decided to join up in that group of people.  So we werent totally selfish which was good!

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