Today was cell group, and I had my hopes up. Usually I get a little depressed around cell group time because it’s mostly Becky and I who come. WTF. I know we rock hard, but we need some others to rock with. This time it was sweet because Lindsey and Destiny came as well as the orig rockers. Leah joined our cell recently so that’s exciting. Anyway I had a great time. I was encouraged because Lindsey was asking a lot of questions and said she had a good time. I’m glad. We need some sanguine action in the phleg-oooo0-rama we have going on in there. (The cell group consisted of Di, Backy, and I before Leah came in.—excluding outreach) It’s like phlegrola granola. I think phlegmatic is a great word to toy with. However you say it, it’s goofy. Whatever.

      So we all had fun and Destiny and I bonded and it was sweet. But I need to step it up. Dar met with Anele and I. We talked about how we’re tribal sissies who have to love up a bunch of infantile tramps. (I’m totally not calling people tramps like slut-ho’s or whatever, this is love ethics serious fo real terminology. I’m sure the relational christian scholar has become familiar with this hard-to-handle vocabulary. Just clearing it up for those who are just breaking into the realm of serious love relationships. Holy — this is a long paranthesis…) So I guess loving isn’t always being nice and doing what people want so there’s no confrontation. You like, have to actually discipline them or something. Yeah, really, I was just being dumb. I seriously struggle in that area. I am such a phleggy, non-confrontational, enabler. I need to get some serious conviction/ motivation to love these girls by getting them to serve, and convicting/ motivating them to serve the Lord and want to grow in their relationships with Him. I’m actually kind of teaching on that for this up and coming cell group retreat. I am teaching about the spiritual awakening of the early church in Acts. The Holy Spirit went in there and shook everything up. It wa sweet. You’re going to have to come and see. Except for those of you who aren’t in Word. Too bad. I don’t even want you to come. JK GUYS. JK, no, but seriously.

   I’m not tired. I do not want to sleep. I need to though because my dada is taking me out to breakfast tomorrow morning before school. i love these breakfasts. I get to hang out with my dad and talk to him about what’s going on in his life and mine.

    I’m excited. I need to be excited. I need to get convicted about the Lord.

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