Hell on Earth

Well as i was driving to Columbus this weekend my car blew up.  Ya sort of, well long story short i had it towed back to stow and then to hemphills house then he tells me i need a new engine.

So now at this point in tooime.. WED JUNE 4 at 9:49pm.. Mikeys Malibu died.


And of course all this crazy shit has to happen when you ask>? thats right a week before my homechurch teaching. Spiritual/satanic attack you bet. This is Hell, it always seems to happen right before my teaching, something that comes up to distract me from God and his will.  fuck man you would think that i am stressed out, well kind of. Its not so bad,

1. im saving money on gas

2. getting some excerise cause im walking to work

3. might be getting a new car… SWEEET!

Well this teaching is going to be awesome nontheless, I know that God will lead me in the right direction and He will keep me focused on his word and what he wants, He will provide for me. So there is nothing to worry about. Besides looking for a new car is exciting! Its just sad to see my first car go. I had a lot of good memories in that car, and on that car… if you catch my drift.. mwhahaha

anyways… listen up future Word teachers!!!… everytime you teach something will happen to distract you, it will suck on so many levels. Almost everytime something has happened to take me off the spiritual track and screw me over, but every time i have put my faith and trust in the Lord and He has come through for me. So all you have to know is stay focused on the Lord cause ya you know when wordly things go bad it sucks, but God is always there and He is always loving you no matter what.  He wants us to be happy and he will provide for us as long as we put our faith in Him.

Ya some Hell is on earth, and yes i have to read some chapters in that book for basic doctrine and get a teaching together and memorize some verses, and get my car looking good enough to trade in and buy a new car.. but you know what SCREW IT! God is going to help me out i know he will cause i know i cant do this on my own, I need His help for this one all these struggles, ya im not worried at all cause God is on my side!!!!!!!

reminds me of that song 99 problems but a bitch aint one.  thats so true i have all these problems and usually the problem has to do with some chick but HAHA! not this time.

And this teaching is looking pretty cool it has to do with the future of Word, and the rise of new teachers in this ministry. John 7:1-49 its good stuff will teach new and rising teachers how to properly teach. Im not going to teach you about it, so thats why you should come to Homechurch next week yo! Learn how to teach with the spirit and not the flesh, lets pray i stay in the spirit.


the life and times of The Mikey Mally

April 13 2007– the chevy malibu was purchased

June 2007– i had my first date in that car man!

Septemeber 07- went to homecoming/ got new tires

November 07- fixed my intake manifold and got new brakes

Feb/mar 08- fell out of love/lust in that car man!

april 08- had a good time on the roof of that car

may 08- went to Prom in that car MAN!

june 08- drove to columbus, and the death of Mally.. the king is dead.. long live the king!

time to get a new car! God i pray its not a Geo…

i forgot to add something…

Dec. 07- jimmy got saved in that car MAN!

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