An interesting title that “pops out” at you from your RSS feed.

I think I’ve waited long enough for the people who thought I’d put up a blog to give up all hope.  So now that everyone’s given up on me, I present to you, a blog.  Snap!  Gotcha!  To all the haters out there who said it wouldn’t ever happen, you were only right for 5 months.  Admittedly, I am pretty damn lazy.  And very self-conscious about my thoughts and ideas being exposed on all the internets.  But now I persevere on the blogosphere.  Right, so now I’ll probably be accused of blogging about blogs just to blog and play down my failure.  In reality, however, I have many blogs of substance coming at you from every direction, so watch out.  Lots of snoop bloggy blogs.  They will bloggle your mind.  Blog.I was totally p-slapped by the Lazy Cat

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