Hello world!

Welcome to Neoblogs.org. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

There are many options available to you as you customize and work with your new blog, but don’t get confused! Begin with the simplest things. These are the basic links to manage your Blog:

Extra Functionality: I installed a few basic plugins to make your writing more powerful. For example:

  • Footnotes: whenever you place text inside double-parenthesis, that text will become a footnote, like this: ((This is an example of a footnote))
  • EasyTube: you can place a Youtube or Google video in your post using this syntax: (BUT: use brackets [ ] and not carets … I couldn’t post the syntax without creating the video!) I posted a Drischoll video so you can see what it looks like.
  • Cache: your site is “cached,” which means changes may not show up immediately.
  • Podcasting: You may wish to post songs, teachings or whatever. It’s not complicated. Look at Jeff’s Site.
  • Anti-Spam: we use a great spam-catcher. We’ve never been spammed on any of our sites where it’s installed. But you may want to review your comments here.
  • Importing from Bloggar and other sites. Post a comment on the Webmaster’s Blog if you want help importing from another Blog place…
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