College or Bust!


“Get good grades!” “Study beyond what is required!” “You’ll never get into a good College if you keep this up!” “How will you provide for the family if you don’t have a “real” job!”


Worldly Knowledge over Godly Wisdom

Youths are bombarded with these phrases, or versions of them, throughout their scholastic careers. Many kids of unbelieving parents have been limited in coming to Word and other activities because of this. Are we in the BOC partaking in encouraging worldly knowledge over Godly wisdom? I know my parents were fairly strong in getting me and my 3 brothers into college, and into a “real” job. Mostly my mother, whom never was able to go to college, but also my father who graduated with multiple degrees, pushed for college. So much so that every decision I made was geared towards getting into college and succeeding in a worldly sense. When I received Christ in 2004 and my world was rocked I was left drifting without a body. When Neil interceded with Gods guidance and led me to a BOC, my eyes were opened. I started to learn under Marks encouragement the difference between worldly knowledge/wisdom and Gods wisdom. For awhile I was very torn, I wanted to get out of school and focus on Gods kingdom. Looking back I know I was ignoring the fact that I was surrounded by unbelievers at school(they are everywhere by the way.) When I realized this I was more than happy to finish my last year of school and focus on the relationships there.


Camels Everywhere

I am surrounded by camels(Mark 10:25) in my “real” job and dang it they just wont go through the eye of the needle! Yes I can focus on persuading men(2 Cor 5:11) as I would feel the need to do no matter rich or poor, educated or non-educated. The bibles focus on the poor is strong(Jer 5:28) and the difficulty for the worldy rich(mostly college educated) to enter the kingdom of heaven. So why set up a strategy to be surrounded by the wealthy?


What about being culturally relevant?

Do you need to go to college to be culturally relevant? HELL NO!  Well, brothers and sisters, the poor are by far the majority in this world and as we saw earlier in Mark 10:25 they are more open to Gods truth. Is it more strategic to be relevent to the majority or the minority?


Missiological Aspects

 Researching mission’s agencies revealed yet another stifling affect of school debt. Most mission agencies require you to have a certain percentage of your school debt paid off before they would even consider you for being sent to the mission’s field. In other words if they can send someone cheaper they will, this is their stewardship. I paid $63,000 for a paper proving that I am worthy of worldly praise, is college a good stewardship? 


Encourage Godly Wisdom

If we are consistently encouraging Godly wisdom the decision to go or not to go to college becomes their own, as it should be. Learning how to seek Gods will for their own life and letting them give that decision up to God is the only way they will be guided in making the decision. Do we desire worldly wisdom over Gods wisdom?





There is nothing wrong with going to College, I went to college, many of my brothers and sisters have gone or are going to college. The problem is that when parents shove college down their kids throat, they are emphasizing worldly focuses instead of Godly wisdom and character.


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