Christmas Anecdote

So, it’s Christmas.  Or at least, it was when I started writing this, I might write through midnight. 

Anyway, the whole Christmas story blows my mind by the very fact that Jesus did literally come to earth as a person.  Even if he never died for us, the fact that he lived for us, as a human, is pretty intense.  Because really, sometimes it seems like living your life for somebody else is way harder than just taking a bullet for them and being done with it. 

Plus, I don’t like being human, and I’ve never experianced being omnipotent.  I mean really, even just physically, forgetting the whole fallen, sin-nature thing,  people are gross and weak.  If I had the oppotunity to never have a bad hair day or never stub my toe on the damn coffee table I would totally take it.  But Jesus didn’t. 

And I was reminded of this book I read when I was younger, A Swiftly Tilting Planet, where this kid Charles Wallace had to go back in time with a unicorn and “go within” a bunch of people from history and try to change things and stop a nuclear war…its actually a slightly less gay book than I’m making it sound.    

But this one time he possesses a disabled guy, and it always reminds me of how Jesus came down as a human:

The Within-ing was long and agonizing, instead of immediate, as it had always been before.  Charles Wallace felt intolerable pain in his back, and a crushing of his legs.  He could hear himself screaming.  His body was being forced into another body, and at the same time something was struggling to pull him out.  He was being torn apart in a battle between two opposing forces.  Sun blazed, followed by a blizzard of snow, snow melted by raging fire, and violent flashings of lightning, driven by a mighty wind, which whipped across sea and land…

His body was gone and he was Within, Within a crippled body, the body of a young man with useless legs like a shriveled child’s…Matthew Maddox.  


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