The Band of Brothers (and Sisters)

So myself, along with BK and Kyle, have been watching the World War II mini-series called Band of Brothers. If you haven’t seen the series, it’s about the 101st airborne division’s Easy Company. These guy go through so much together, taking bullets in the ass and fighting alongside each other. Throughout this conflict, they become great friends, and form some cool relationships.


The Brothers stand Defiantly in a previously German occupied city

 I bring all of this to light because of how apparent the similarities between us at NEOXenos and the Band of Brothers have become.

Our Company of Strangers is so diversified, much like the band of brothers. We have our fighters and soldiers on the front lines, who take the brunt of our persecution. If a soldier gets hit in the ass with a bullet, we have wonderful medics (encouragers), who will step in and patch up the wounds so that the soldier will get back to the fight. We have some of the best Leaders, from the Generals of our elders, to our Sergeants of our cell groups. We have some wonderful administrators who can look at who needs what supplies. What would a company be without the Special forces, who go deep into enemy territory and establish a small foothold.

The greatest part of this persecution, is how it affects our relationships. We have been standing up together, coming together as a fellowship and growing our relationships with those who are stuck in the foxholes next to us. This happens in the battlefield, and so it also happens with us.

The biggest difference is our leader, who we all must answer to in the end. The Generals answer to the President or the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The problem with these leaders are, they don’t have that much influence over the general flow of the battle. They don’t know (that much) of what the enemy is about to do.

Our leader is so much better than that. Our leader not only has an extremely large influence over the tide of the battle, but he knows ahead of time what the enemy is planning and prepares us for it. What blows me away to this day is the fact that we were about to get called a cult, and go through all of this persecution, and only a few months earlier God blessed us with a cult expert salvation. God is still blessing us to this day, with the way that the Akron Beacon Journal article has turned out for us.


Such an exciting group, even at a Financial Summit, there are still all sorts of smiles

Well I think I will leave this blog with this scripture:

Suffer hardship with me, as a good soldier of Christ Jesus.

-2 Timothy 2:3 (NASB)

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