I’ve felt burdened for awhile now to discuss the use of the word “fundy” among those in our fellowship. To be perfectly honest, I find the use of this word to be troubling. It is one thing to joke, but I don’t believe people are often joking when they use this term.  It often appears that people are being snide and self-righteous when referring to those people.

One particular time stands out for me. After the Dr. Jeremiah event, people on basecamp were writing fundy this and fundy that. The discussion was not edifying. It was derogatory. We at Xenos may not do church in a traditional manner, but does this give us the right to stare down our noses and sneer at those who do? I don’t defend everything that the fundamentalists do…I too disagree with the way they do ministry at times. However, they are still our brothers and sisters in Christ.

The reason this bothers me is two-fold. First, as a former fundamentalist I would have not felt welcomed by the use of this term. When I walked away from the church, I knew that there were some things about the fundamentalist way of doing church that didn’t sit well with me. I would have loved to have been exposed to a Xenos-style church at that point in my life. Unfortunately, I believe I would have felt mocked and disapproved of if people had used this term in front of me. Second, I have a friend down in Columbus who would be labelled as fundy by this fellowship. I would not feel comfortable bringing him around for this very reason.

Maybe I’m being overly sensitive about this, but I get aggravated by this term. There are others who share this feeling with me. Like I said, a joke is one thing. We can have a good laugh sometimes at the antics of our brothers and sisters. But, I ask that before people call others fundy, check your motivation. If you are just having an innocent laugh, that’s one thing. If your use is meant to cut an individual or group down, then maybe it is time to put this term on the shelf.

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