A new approach to Christianity: Part 1


It was a feeling that I shall not so forget. The realization of a social revolution 2000 years in the making ignites a fire in the core of my heart, consuming me. It had been in my face the whole time but I was to blind by lust and arrogance to realize the truth. What is the truth? The truth is that the world is on the edge of a revolution, and it is joyful.

Viva La Revolution

I was sitting and talking to Keith and Justin about how happy I was to be granted independent status again. All of a sudden Greg slams open the door and proceeded to ask, “Keith! How goes the Revolution”? Without hesitation Keith replies, “Great! I have written many more articles for you to read.” I look over at Justin and we both burst into laughter at this unusual greeting.
After the laughter dies down, Greg asked, “What’s so funny”? I replied, “Your acting like there is a real revolution is going on”. Then Keith replied, “It is”. I didn’t really realize it at first but he is right! The revolution is NOW! I realized I cannot submit to the world any longer. I must not sit by and watch the institutions enslave the world any longer.

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