Brian McClaren and the chamber of secrets!

Not so long ago i was walking around my room pondering what i should do with the rest of my Friday night.  As a young boy of only 15 years of age i was at my prime, doing what most high school teens did on Friday nights.  Now the choice is simple what will Mike choose Grand Theft Auto or Kingdom Hearts 2? Hmm how exciting.  This is a really good example about how many kids out there don’t have any purpose, or at least have fun on a Friday night.  Most kids go to a football game or go out and party with their friends.  Sadly poor little Mikey was in his room trying to figure out which video game he wanted to play. All of his so-called friends were at some crazy bible study.

Now I did not start going to this bible study for quite some time.  Many of my friends went to this “cell group” thing every week and I didn’t understand why.  For years i went to a catholic church and I went to a bible study or public school religion.  It was possibly the worst experience of my life; actually I wouldn’t go that far.  It was terrible but i did get some information on who God was and I did realize that i definitely did not like mass and worshiping. In a sense it was so do i dare say it…. “Gay!”  As a teenager who was looking to get out of his room once and awhile “church” was not the place to be at all.

Finally I was invited to this “bible study” again or this “cell group”.  Long story short I found God, for real this time not just like reading a book and thinking that I actually truly knew God.  This time I knew I had a relationship with a real living God, not some big statue.  I knew how to maturely love people, and speak truth into their lives.  This was my purpose to share the good news with people.  As I entered this Christian group a mindless purposeless teenager I found a reason to live, a reason to love God.  I wasn’t singing songs and walking around thinking I was getting closer to God just because I was eating my mini Jesus waffle, drinking wine, sitting, kneeling, and singing some more.

The reason I love my fellowship is because it’s so radical.  It’s a radical Christian biblical group, unlike most bible study groups this one is all about truth, not some truth from an old man starting a revolution but straight from the bible.  John says it so simple in chapter 8; you will know the truth and the truth will set you free! That is exactly what happened, the Word of God pierced my soul and made me into a new creature.  I was reborn into something good, something with purpose.  Now my life has purpose and that purpose is because for some reason some random Christians decided to ask me where I was going when i died.  That question and love that i received from some regular Christians gave birth to a new Mike.

Over the years I grew in my faith and experienced what God is all about i learned the truth in scripture and shared my faith with others.  Not so long ago I went to see a man, a very nice old fellow, his name is Brian McClaren, and yet at this “conversation” or to normal people a debate, I once again saw what could have happened if I would have stayed catholic.  Sadly McClaren did not want to debate, he is a very friendly person but do not be deceived.  He claims to have brought many people to the Lord, but what is his definition of salvation. This man does not even truly know what substitutionary atonement is.  This man is all about singing and dancing with God.  He is all about feelings but not about truth.  I was dumbfounded when I watched a video of this man at one of my central teachings, he was talking about how Jesus is like an ecosystem or something instead of the idea of the kingdom.  I couldn’t quite grasp this but McClaren said we should in vision Jesus as something that we can relate with or enjoy.  So naturally robots came to mind, I like robots, kind of sort of… ha-ha. “ROBOT JESUS!” i can dig that.

Back to the McClaren conversation that I visited.  It was pretty interesting to see the spokesperson for the emergent church movement he was again a very nice very friendly man he wasn’t like the kind of person who is defending all of his motives, he was just sitting there being a nice old man.  The thing is my main argument is the fact that he said he brought many people to Christ.  First off he barely used scripture to back up any of his claims and secondly he does not believe in a Hell, now what is he saving these people from?  That is one of the many questions that boggle my mind.  Really its not that hard to boggle a mind such as mine, but nonetheless if he did know the bible than he would see such verses in the bible like:

2 Thessalonians 1:9 (New International Version)

9They will be punished with everlasting destruction and shut out from the presence of the Lord and from the majesty of his power

Revelations 20:9-15- (Hell and the end times)

This brings me to my next point, he does not believe in the end times.  I just don’t understand why he would not believe in so many things that are definitely pointed out in the bible itself.  Maybe it’s because he is all about feelings and singing.  That is the exact thing I was trying to escape from my Old Catholic church the singing and the short term feelings that I got from each mass.  Now it has returned, over the past few years i have undergone a radical Christian change, i have a better knowledge of Gods character because of his word, my sword, my only offensive weapon against the evil one.  For teens my age, no spiritual growth would occur if you’re just going to mass and singing.  How would you get outreach?  Outreach nowadays don’t want to go sing, they want to party and hang out.  Singing is just so lame sometimes, and the lack of the word, well that just does not leave the Lord enough room to work into people’s lives.

“Why is your Jesus gay?”

– My Jesus is a kick ass mo-fo who has conquered death, and defeats the darkness through love.  He is the most high; he can make a storm stop by rebuking it.  I don’t know about your Jesus who sits around petting a lamb and standing on a rainbow, but mine has a sword on his back and serpent in his mouth, and at the same time he is approachable there is a sense of comfort when i am near him.

Mike’s final thought— don’t make Jesus gay!

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