The All-Night “Where’s Carleezy” Scavenger Hunteezy


The hunt is over! Justin’s team won, with 37 points. They found 7 Carleezies, one Billy Idol cassette tape, and obtained the elusive envelope for “Mr. Jerry Hookis” from the front desk at the Sheraton.

All in all, teams only found and/or obtained 14/25 Carleezies! That means 11 Carleezies are still at large! Too bad, since despite protests immediately following the hunt that some Carleezies were “missing” from where they were supposed to be, I just walked outside of my office in downtown Akron and found one such Carleezy everyone insisted had disappeared!

In the aftermath of the first ever all-night audio scavenger hunt, I would love to give out details, however, we don’t want to incriminate anyone!

I should give thanks to the two people who helped organize the hunt – B and Jon! Without them, I would have never been able to put this together!


Meet at 11:00pm sharp tonight at the place where “Wet Lumber”, spikes and bumps, and a steeple can be found.

We’ll divide into teams…

Bring cars, gas, $$$, harpoons, guns, dark clothes, etc. No rules. Just do it. Wheaties – the breakfast of Champions.

The man, the myth, the Carleezy.

You’ll be looking for Carleezies…sheets of yellow paper with a picture of Carlell on them. Clues will be given as to the whereabouts of these Carleezies. A twist = only one Carleezie is hidden for each clue…that means all teams will be competing for the same Carleezies. The implication is, you might decipher a clue correctly, but miss out on the Carleezie if you get there too late!

Carleezies are worth 3 points, all other clues are worth 1 point, unless otherwise noted!

The hunt will last until 6:30am. At 6:30am sharp you and your team need to meet at the finishing point. Clues to the location of the finishing point will be on the back of each Carleezie your team finds.

Questions? Need a clue? Call your mother. She’d love to hear you whine.

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