Love Hurts…Right???


This is part two of my blog series on love, so if you haven’t read my first one please stop now and read my first blog of Love. Click here to take you to by first blog.

So assuming you have read my first blog I can now start this one. Believe it or not I took quite a bit of flack on first blog from people because I portrayed love to be so simple. So in this one I will attempt to capture and dispel the common misconception that love hurts.

We have all said it before “Love hurts.” However when you think about this why would god hurt us. Remember god is love so it really doesn’t make sense that love hurts. I would like to make the proposal that love doesn’t hurt, rather it’s that hate hurts.

Love and hate is something I am very well educated in. I have been a hater before, and I have been shown a multitude of love. Just this week I had the opportunity to be a hater and a lover. I would like to share this experience with you.

I was as the store and Kyle called me to tell me to get some toilet paper because we were all out, and we were having people over later that night. Well I erupted in a huge infantile fit and was so disgusted that Kyle would call and ask me for such a request. I look back on the situation and cant help laughing at myself. I was practically foaming at the mouth with disgust and slinging insult after defiant insult at Kyle and anyone else within range. Now I’m sure Kyle didn’t feel loved by this at all. I’m sure it probably mad him rather sad and upset.

Well after about ten minutes of spewing hatred, I came to my senses and realized I was being a complete ass.  So I called Kyle back and had to apologize for exploding and told him I would fulfill his colossal request (hehe). Well I would like to think this made Kyle feel really good, and dare I say loved. Everyone knows how good it feels to be apologized to and be asked for forgiveness.

Now I think its safe to say that my love didn’t hurt Kyle. It was actually my infantile hate that hurt Kyle. Now one might say that it was because Kyle loved me and opened up his heart to me was the reason he felt hurt. Well this is false. I mean its true that Kyle felt hurt but this would be true for anyone. If someone I really hated and detested came up to me and started insulting me any saying bad things to me I would still feel hurt. It’s not really loves fault in anyone this. Rather it can simply be said that love feels good, and hate and being mean hurts.

This example does raise another question however. I did indeed hurt Kyle, so should he still love me. I think I know Kyle well enough to know that he is still going to love me but let me explain why in another example.

Most of the people reading his already know about the unfortunate “Alienation” between my family and I.  Well During the time after my parents kicking me out and until now, I have been trying to call home at least once a week, except for a few brief periods when I was advised not to. Well every time I called home I was a combination of scared and excited but mostly just sad about what had happen. Well for about 6-8 months I was rejected. No one ever picked up the phone to talk to me, and hatred just came lashing back to me in all directions.

Well this eventually changed. I still remember the first time my dad did answer the phone to talk to me.  The four of us apartment guys were at Acme and right before we went in the store we prayed together and my dad actually answered. We only talked for a few moments but that overwhelming joy and love I felt from my dad made me forget all the other pain and sadness. And as you know from my first blog our relationship is being repaired through the power of love, not hate.

I can gladly say this is true even the case for my mom. My mom has begun responding to my love, not through talking to me but through a way she is more comfortable with. Over the past couple of months my mom has been baking pies for me. She has even been buying me cloths. Which is really awesome because when you live with five other guys your socks tend to disappear (hehe).  I do yearn for the day that my relationship with my family is restored.

Again I don’t claim to be a love master and I still fumble around with the concept of love.  However I think it was my consistent loving outreach to my family that is the reason for their change of heart. Obviously if I was saying mean things to them hating them I doubt that my dad would have initiated talking to me and my mom certainly wouldn’t be buying me cloths.

I can whole-heartedly say that the months and months of pain and rejection cause by hate are not match for the loving outcome I have now. Real love makes dealing with pain, rejection, and hatred worth it. I am only 19 and I know I am in-store for a life in which I must deal with much deeper hate but I am excited because the love that might overcome that hate will be so much sweeter.

I promise the lord love is sweet enough to overcome all hate, just give it a try.

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