NeoXenos DMT Retreat 2009

The NeoXenos DMT Retreat of 2009 was the most edifying leaders’ retreat to date. We gathered in Marblehead, Ohio on the shores of Lake Erie at the Rock of Ages Retreat Center. This year the number of leaders exceeded the capacity for the house. We had 44 leaders attend (with sleeping for only 36.) Our college guys graciously volunteered to sleep on couches and floors.
In the past year, we’ve undergone quite a few changes. Persecution and its resultant publicity, love ethics, new college ministry, a hopping high school group, and an emphasis on our freedom in Christ, revolution, and disestablishment.  Religion kills, but relationship kicks butt.
I can’t wait to see what this coming year is going to bring. We don’t know what it will be, but…we know we’re gonna follow the Spirit on this.

Kyle McCallum
Sara Cartellone - a new participant on our DMT retreat
Eric & Andie Schoofs
Craig Smith of the Michalek HC
Lauren Allie and Lisa Beech
Michael and Charlotte Plahuta
Nicole Wonderchek & Asta Howell.
Keith McCallum
Beautiful Jackie Leon
Diana Michalek
Cousins Kate & Kyle McCallum
Heidi Muller
Carrie Hemphill and Lina Morscher
Mikey Hudock and Kate McCallum
Mikey Hudock and Kate McCallum
Ryan Leon, Jordan & Rick Yoerger, John Cartellone
Rock of Ages- site of the 2009 DMT Retreat
an evil-looking Tom Smith
Rick and Katrina Yoerger presenting the Stow HC
Indre Howell presenting the Discovery Group
Mikey Hudock and Mark Michalek presenting Chill
Elli Morscher and Jordan Yoerger presenting Word
Joel Hughes and Tom Smith presenting IP (Identity Project)
Kate McCallum presenting for IP (Identity Project)
Kyle McCallum presenting for IP on FREEDOM!!
Sara Cartellone, Jackie Leon, Charlotte Plahuta from the Michalek HC
Paul Alesnik, Indre Howell, and Lina Morscher

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