my first real blog i dont know if im doing this right.

i wrote this like a month ago but…that the hey.

Kalie made me do it.

I really don’t like writing, so kalie made me do it. Haha

If you are a grammar freak I command you to stop now b/c continueing will give you a heart attack. If you have low self esteem please continue reading. At least you can spell words that have more than three words correctly.

This will make no sense to you so im sorry. It really doesn’t make sense to me either.

48. the nerds. The emos. The jocks. The cheerleaders. The gamers. The flirts. The goofs. The skaters.

We no longer have labels. We have our own stories. We are one. Thursday. The dead labels fall and we become alive as brothers and sisters. We awaken to the real war with the enemy.

I, so undeserving to do his will. Who am I to be blessed so much to watch him working the youngest of us. The young punks. The underdogs who Christ himself served with. Bring in the greatest harvest. I only watch in awe. How amazing he is!

So young they are not yet bitten by those they feed. How fearless and courageous. May it never die! May no one smuther their fire!

I have bites on my hands I will not let heal. I pick at the scabs to remind myself of the pain. I reach my hands out wearing gloves to protect me and conceal. But they see my gloves and run. Who wants to be embraced by one who wears gloves and treats you like an illness?! I lie to myself that the gloves are my hands. Perfect and strong. “I do just fine, me and my gloves. It is you that has the problem!”

Lord, take off my gloves and clean out my wounds. Though it stings, I can now be healed to do your work your way. More bites are coming. But lord I find peace and thankfulness in you.

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