The Saddest Lie, Part 2: Can’t Complain

Hey man, how’s it going?

Eh’, can’t complain.

Are you kidding me? Why can’t you complain? This world is terrible! I know that there is only one thing

that makes me feel like I can’t complain. That one thing is God. I know most of the time at school or at the office I especially feel like complaining. Actually, if you know me well you probably know I like to complain no matter where I am at. To say you “can’t complain” when your stressed at school, or to say the same when your enslaved by the man at work, is a lie. Why not complain?

People may even like you better if you tell the truth. Don’t get me wrong, complaining too much is not the right idea, but getting some feelings out is. Work might not be the most appropriate place to do that, but whether or not people want to hear it, they will at least act like they are listening. Usually people have someone at work they can talk to, but mostly just nonsense.

Why waste time debating sports, your favorite music, or even clothes? Why not use your free time wisely and talk about whats wrong, with you, with the world, with the person your talking to.

Are you all stressed out about school? Let some people know! Is work rough? Tell somebody!

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