My name is Thomas and I have free will.

I stayed up last night because I wasn’t tired.

I watched the sun rise over the trees and illuminate everything.

I had lunch with Kyle, who is a sweet brother.

I visited Keith, B, and Dar; which made me smile.

I drove home, and made dinner.

I talked on the phone for 31 minutes and 41 seconds.

I “studied.” <– LOL!

I’m leaving in 14 minutes with my brother Mike to get Ice Cream.

[Update] Mike called and told me to wait for him, he was going to be late. It really excited my heart.

Free will really is amazing. I choose to have a relationship with Jesus with my free will.

Some people choose to destroy relationships with greed and affairs but I’m into restoring relationships; or at least trying.

I’m into 5 minute conversations, just to see how your doing. Most people are into 5 texts.

People really try to plan out their lives, however I don’t know whats going to happen in mine.

I make a lot of bad choices and the great thing about it is that I have Free will. However having a relationship with Jesus is helping me make smarter choices.

Choose a life with Jesus. It’s just that simple.

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