Speak to your Heart

I often find myself struggling with negative thoughts in my mind.  Usually about myself, how I’m not good enough or wise enough or smart enough, etc.  I came across a lecture by Luther on Galations and in reading it I found this very insightful way to deal with the temptation to fall back into living by the law.  He says:

14 So learn to speak to one’s heart and to the Law. When the law creeps into your conscience, learn to be a cunning logician-learn to use the arguments of the gospel against it.Say:

“0 law! You would climb up into the kingdom of my conscience, and there reign and condemn me for sin, and would take from me the joy of my heart which I have by faith in Christ, and drive me to desperation, that I might be without hope. You have over-stepped your bounds. Know your place! You are a guide for my behavior, but you are not Savior and Lord of my heart. For I am baptized, and through the Gospel am called to receive righteousness and eternal life…. So trouble me not! For I will not allow you, so intolerable a tyrant and tormentor, to reign in my heart and conscience — for they are the seat and temple of Christ the Son of God, who is the king of righteousness and peace, and my most sweet savior and mediator. He shall keep my conscience joyful and quiet in the sound and pure doctrine of the Gospel through the knowledge of this passive and heavenly righteousness.”

How awesome.  I was sharing this struggle with Katie D. and she had this to share:

“I think we all have to come to grip with the fact that our flesh is not eradicated when Christ comes into our heart. And, in fact, it seems to become more determined to distract us from the goal of knowing Christ and loving people. I have learned over the years when negative thinking comes in, I just have to close the door on the thoughts. In my mind, that is literally what I do. It is like opening a door and seeing a horrible mess. I can either decide I have to go in and clean it up, or slam the door shut and do something more productive. So, which way will I spend my emotional energy?…trying to clean up the impossible mess, or build something constructive?”

I thought this was good insight on dealing with my negative thinking!

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