Get Angry

Get angry.

You are always being lied to in this system. Systems built upon systems in this world exist to deceive and prevent the masses from seeing the truth. We live in a world that even denies there is truth.
Any hot trend, any huge name brand image, movies and popular music are created to make you conform. We so easily fall victim to the lies provided with a smile from huge corporate figures, who know how to disguise themselves so well. They know how to effectively manipulate the masses to accept a new idea that is as fickle and flighty as the last.

Fact: people will pay a large sum of money for a specific brand, not because the product is superior, but because the name itself is somehow powerful enough to make you feel good and accepted.

Fact: A large percentage of music today is pumped out quickly and easily. There is no need for an “artist” to even make their own music. We live in a world where a pop star can say “superman that ho” and “my swagga is a hundred thousand trillion” and we worship them for it. We call it talent.

Fact: Sex sells. Sex on the T.V. Sex on the internet, Sex everywhere. Sex has become a bodily desire that needs slaked. Much the same way that we drink water when we’re thirsty, eat food when we’re hungry, we have sex when we’re horny, no strings attached. The result are hollowed shells of people who have shared everything they have with so many people. I have yet to see a study that suggests this is a life strategy that works.

Fact: You are the center of the world. This is the ethic that our culture tells parents and teachers to pass down to their children. You are special and important- why?- I don’t know, you just are. People are introduced to the world’s system with huge inflated egos that cry out “Everything I say, do and feel is important, so respect me!” Again, no studies have proven this to be a successful parenting strategy. Kids go into the world and are then crushed by how unimportant and meaningless they are.

Fact: Your job doesn’t care about you. You slave in labor to make money for the greedy old men at the top of the food chain. The people at your work don’t love you. You could be gone the next day and everything would work just as smoothly as if you were there. Management tells you you’re important, but they just want to squeeze out every last drop of your cheap sweat they can.

Fact: This system always lets people down in the end. Fame, money and power, the three things offered by the system, do not lead to happiness and fulfillment. This is confirmed by testimonies from power-holders such as Kurt Cobain, Ernest Hemingway, Hunter S. Thomson, Bob Dylan, Alice Cooper and Dave Mustaine of Megadeth, the latter three of whom all turned to Christ for fulfillment.

This is the system that people give up everything for. Satan built it, I hate it, God hates it and he’s going to burn it down.

But for the time being, I will rebel against it.

I will be hated, but I am unafraid. I will be rejected, but I’m not looking to be accepted. I will be hurt, but I will be healed and strengthened. I will become strong, but it won’t be because of me. I am dead, and it is Christ who is alive in me. There is my identity.

I am free and I can see.

So this is a call to the misfits. To the people who do not have a place in the realm of the evil one, listen to the call of your maker who loves you. Embrace your place as a king in an everlasting and radical kingdom of love. Fight the system.

This is a call to the crushed. Rise up and be healed! Take up the mantel of courage offered to you and strike back against the system. Equip yourself with the sword of the word of God and kill the lies.

This is a call to the restless, the bored. Know that you are involved in a universal spiritual battle. Do not settle on living a mediocre self-centered Christian life of pseudo-spirituality. Join the revolution Christ came to offer and learn true excitement and significance.

It was for freedom that Christ set us free; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery. Galatians 5:1

So think critically and question everything the system tells you. Do not blindly accept the things of this passing and dying world. They are so trite. Use the system’s power against it. Don’t be another favorable statistic on the boards of fat cat marketers. Don’t let them molest and take advantage of you. Don’t love the world because it certainly doesn’t love you.

The world is death and it wants to kill you, so

Get angry.

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