Pajamas: A Question of Christian Liberty

I ran across the most intriguing Facebook discussion today. Perhaps intriguing isn’t quite the right word. Perhaps outrageous would be more descriptive. A popular pastor posted this as his status:

I will never understand the people who go to the store in their pajamas. If we wanted to see u in them we would come to your house.

This status caught my attention, for I have long desired to walk about openly in my super cheerful pj’s. I still desire to indulge my youthful exuberance – to take a walk on the wild side in my bright blue, cherry patterned flannel night shirt and long bottoms. PJ wearing has always brightened my day when the going gets tough. I liken them to comfort food for the soul. Little did I realize that this behavior was controversial or at least difficult to understand. So I followed the Facebook comments to this posting. Much to my surprise, the Christian community has a lot to say on this topic.

Dare I step outside in my pj's?

The public commentary concerning this topic was mixed. Many took the side of the misunderstood pajamas wearers.  They heartily extended their support to those sporting flannel sock monkey apparel through understanding that many find shopping more relaxing while in their comfy clothes. One anonymous man commented why he thinks people publicly wear pajamas:

I think it’s because it’s nice and relaxing. Which it is and also who cares how a person looks when they go to the store it’s not like anyone needs to impress others with how they dress. As long as they are comfy in it.

Another, less understanding, stated that donning nightwear during the daytime in public is a sign of the downfall of society:

The downfall of the American society: a lack of propriety by people who are too lazy to spend all that time and effort putting on real clothes before leaving their house. (Secretly though, it’s not that hard to get dressed once you’re over age five and have mastered those tricky buttons and zippers.)

One even attributed wearing pj’s to the store as unloving (yikes):

To all those who have made comments about public pj wearing as it relates to Christian liberty:

I’m not casting stones because I stand guilty of this faux pas myself. That being said, I believe part of loving your neighbor as yourself is having good manors, tact and decorum. Good manors and the like are more about treating people around you with respect, not necessarily making yourself look good. By treating other with respect, you show them you love them, thereby obeying Christ’s commands.

So if the aforementioned comment is accurate, it seems that Christ commands us to not wear our jammies to the store. It offends people and is in poor taste as well as being unloving. (Egads!) I suppose that it could be said of anyone wearing any outfit – any outfit you don’t approve of.

Surely, that homeless woman with the Kroger’s shopping cart could find something more appropriate to wear while strolling through campus. You know the lady I am referring to – the one with the unkempt hair and the support stockings that keep falling to her ankles. I am sure her attire has offended many – after all that faded daisy house coat has got to be from the 50′s. When was the last time she laundered those clothes? Geez. She needs to be more loving and put on something less offensive.  (I wonder where Jesus’ brother James would seat this woman at his church gatherings.)

That being said, not only could our attire be unloving since it offends, but public pj wearing is also an heart issue and a sin issue if we are to believe what another person posited.

wearing pajamas to public is not a pajamas issue but a heart issue.
there’s sin in being lazy and in not loving your neighbor. and there’s also sin in caring about what people think of you. both could be an idol.

Okay, so now I’m really confused. If I wear pj’s outside of my own home, then I am being lazy and not loving my neighbor. I have offended others by not respecting them with my attire, so I better choose carefully what I wear. On the other hand,  if I care what others think of me, then now I have sinned yet again. So many rules. So many differing opinions. So many fallible humans to please. Help!

So I ask, “Why not please God?” Why not be free from all these petty rules? Why put ourselves under some arbitary regulations when we have been bought with a price? Have we not be set free? Have not the bonds of slavery been released? Galatians 5:1 says,

It was for freedom that Christ set us free; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery.

So, idk. Why make a fuss about what someone is wearing? Honestly anymore I just appreciate that someone is wearing clothes. So will I make a trip to ACME in my jammers? Should I dare to offend? Or should I live under the law of liberty?

What would you do?
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