Outlaw in Training

The word “outlaw” elicits thoughts of Josey Wales or even Robin Hood. These men had were not law abiders, but arguably had noble causes. Men who stick to their principles, even to death. Jesus Christ is also an outlaw. Whereas in a movie an outlaw might take an admirable stand, their inevitable result is bloodshed and ultimately death. Sure, a shootout makes for a great end, but Butch Cassidy doesn’t get out alive.

Consider Jesus: a mysterious character that even his closest companions could not figure out, he was infuriating to the religious establishment, and died a criminal’s death. Blowing around like the wind, the only person that seemed sure of his mission was Jesus himself.

As the blind man he healed said, “Whether He is a sinner, I do not know; one thing I do know, that though I was blind, now I see.”
Although Christ is an outlaw in almost every sense of what we’d believe an outlaw to be, his end isn’t death or bloodshed, but rather love and life.

Amazingly, Jesus calls us to life his same lifestyle. What would our lives look like if we didn’t live by the norms and rules of the day and instead focused on loving others?

Jesus died for out sin so we could be free to be outlaws like him. Jesus’ way is outside of the box, outside of the city gates, outside of the world’s way of life. God’s plan has a different a fulfilling way to live.

Paul writes that as Christians, we’re “taught by God to love one another”.

I am praying that Jesus can show me how to become more of an outlaw when it comes to loving my family and friends. I know that God wants to teach me how to love the people at the nursing home we are volunteering the way that they need.

An outlaw doesn’t get caught up on themselves, as has always been my tendency. I pray that God can give me the same outlaw spirit to love and not be conformed to the world’s way that Jesus has.

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