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While writing a letter to one of my dearest friends, my pen moved swift across the page fueled on inspiration of emotion…. until I came to the part where I had to explain the reason for my most recent motivation to live: Outlaw love.

My pen stopped, which is connected to my hand which is the instrument on my body that best maps out my thoughts from ideas to words that normal people can understand. (lol im so avant garde) Thus, my mind stopped as well. How exactly can I describe what being an outlaw is? which lead to: what is an outlaw? Which lead to a speedy collapse of my whole world (dont worry people, it happens daily.) I couldnt word it exactly and my poor friend wouldbe been stuck reading the words “bad ass,” “lovely,”JESUS,” and “cant explain” in complete disarray.

But, instead of giving up, someone erged me to reinvestigate what it means to be an Outlaw. Obviously, I would say the most precise example & definition of what an outlaw is is simple: Jesus. As I fumbled through some passages looking for verses for the ‘Outlaw verses’ assignment (which i was too tempted just to type THE WHOLE FUCKIN BIBLE in 76 font) I reread Jesus’ life in the gospels. It occured to me that all this time we had been saying how outlaw JC was, I was sitting there nodding my head & thats all… But, looking back through with the question “Outlaw?” in my head, I realized JC was badass… I mean I really felt like I was actually discovering it for myself.

And what stood out to me about how bamf outlaw Jesus was the most is how he knew it. Thats right. He straight up told his followers (in matthew) you are going to get hated on by the world because of me…

This answered an even more confusing question of mine: what is Outlaw love? How the tish do we DO that?

When I read this passage in Matthew, it opened my eyes to how fearful the world is. I didn’t know how to describe it till my dad said fearful at family night but hell yeah, they are scared shitless especially when they come face to face with an outlaw bearing the sword in one hand and love in the other.

(Another point that struck me was when JC said he didnt come here to make peace, he came here as a sword. He came to cut our world apart and and show us what we are so scared of.)

But back to love… I couldnt describe Outlaw love… I mean I LOVE LOVE! All kinds of love. I weep everytime I read Sense & Sensibility! I am all about love! But outlaw love, i think, is a combination of two factors I have yet to unearth: Love & Authority. Yeah, yeah ‘Love authority’ i know i know… but this is different… kind of. Outlaw love is loving someone outside of their boundries.  Not ‘i guess ill love them’ or ‘if thats okay with you,’ it is just like Jesus did, learning & teaching & saying no & saying yes & enjoying gpd’s gifts & depending on eachother & doing whatever it takes to love eachother no matter how wrong you are… how uncomfortable you are… how lazy you are… how strange the other person is. And it is all relying on God…

It’s a completely different way of loving people. I think I’m pretty wrong but that’s my impression of what it is so far. I haven’t loved many people with this ‘Outlaw love’ mind set… because I just discovered this formula… I’ll let you know how it goes.

Outlaws love to love. They enjoy what god gives them (ecclesiastes) and learn from eachother….

Being an outlaw isn’t being hard & alone. It’s quite the opposite. But with the mentality to pierce through the layer of fear people have over their heart with the power of the man Jesus Christ in your heart.

It’s so simple yet no one gets it… It’s one of the oldest ways to live life yet nobody remembers… It’s Jesus.

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I'm trying to "realize the full assurance of hope until the end." To be an "imitator of those who through faith and patience inherit the promise." And spreading the "unchangeableness" and "hope" of God's purpose. Heb. 7
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