Confessions of an Infantile

It’s been a while since my last blog. Wish I could say I was too busy doing the Lord’s work and building relationships, but that’d be a lie. For the past year or so, I have been in rebellion with the Lord. I’ve been forsaking my closest friends, and trying to lead my life my own way, the infantile way. I let my bitterness towards the Lord drive my emotions and my decisions, and I have to say that it didn’t get me anywhere.

Anyways, I wanted to apologize to all my dudes who I lived with, Kyle, Tom, Paul, Viking, Scott, and Adam. I apologize for shutting you guys out of my life, for not loving you guys, for not trying to build you guys up with encouragement, and for not being vulnerable and open with you guys. I want to thank you guys so much for showing me love and having the willingness to kick me out of the ministry house when I wouldn’t respond to reason, wasn’t willing to serve, and didn’t want anything to do with others. These past few months living at my parents’ house have been rough, but I realize the Lord was trying to show me that I really needed him leading my life and that without serving others, there was no way I could learn to mature in my relationships. You guys stuck in there with me, encouraging me to come to house meetings, letting me know how much you cared about me, and how important of a role I play in your lives, and I am very grateful for that. Thanks to your guys loving response to my rebellion, the Lord has shown me how unwise and how unable I am to lead a victorious life without him. On a more positive note, the Lord has been showing me how fulfilling and joyful it is to serve others. He’s been showing me how much you guys truly care for me and how blessed I am to have you guys in my life. I can depend on you guys. I can share my burdens with you guys, and I know you guys are more than willing to help me out in any time of need. You guys bring great joy to my life.

I also want to thank my ol’ friend, Keith. Even when I am deeply inbedded in my flesh, you just sift through the bullshit and reveal to me the truth. I’m sorry for taking our relationship for granted this past year and not communicating or opening up with you. You stuck in there with me and were still able to mess with my infantile ways. I am so grateful for the Lord putting you in my life and in our Body of Christ. The Lord has used you to define a life of victorious outlaw love, and He has used you to give us the vision the Lord wanted us to have. My life and the life of countless others have been changed by your love for the Lord and love you’ve shown in your relationships in this Body of Christ. You have been such a blessing.

Well, anyways I’m really excited to see what the Lord has in store for our ministry and to move in with Mike, Justin, and Zak this summer! I’m also psyched to be helping out the old folks at Gardens of Western Reserve, and to be serving them. Does this blog count for the blogosphere contest?

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