What’s in a blog?

Is it just a grungy WordPress theme, combined with some thoughts and rants? Is it trying to teach people what I know? (Or, rather, what I think I know?) Is it trying to be funny and entertaining, and liked by whatever readers I may be lucky enough to garner? Should one spill deepest emotions out to the online world of Anonymous? Should I share poem and story ideas with the digital masses?

Sure, why not?

I think that’s what it is, a digital megaphone. A self-published editorial. An electronic soapbox for which to make impromptu speeches from, for whoever wants to listen.

So why not use it? A wise sage created this for me some three months ago, and this is the first time I’ve touched it. Partially because I’m lazy, partially because… well, that’s about it, actually. I’m just lazy. But from here on out, this’ll be an outlet for things that I think, and want to say. Because… why not?

That’s about it. Intro post ends here.

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