…thoughts i’ve never thought before…sort of.

The truth is. I’m not really sure how to feel right now. My father is in the hospital, in a condition I’m not quite sure how to explain. And I’d rather not go into details of much really. However its pretty serious, and it scares me. I’m never too afraid of much actually. I love scary movies. Haunted houses are only scary when your seven or if your a girl. I’m a little worried when driving in a car (if I’m not driving, I’ve been in a few accidents, so every now and then it gets scary when people drive crazy).

Anyways. My Dad. Scares me.

Up until now I’ve been strong. Not much of what has occurred with my dad has affected me. I love him to death but most of what has been told to me (about previous conditions), seemed like no big deal.

For possibly the last four times I have had to teach home church, ironically my dad goes checks into the hospital. This week I have to teach. And yes. He is in.

Only this time. I’m scared. possibly more than I should be. But Dads’ liver. And his kidneys. Are failing.

I can only pray he gets better.

And I can only pray, and dream that I get an opportunity to share the gospel once more. To a father, with open ears.


My Dad’s only friends are dipsomaniacs.

All they can offer him is more alcohol. And all that equals is pain, discomfort, and ultimately death.

My father’s son. Me. Well, I know the Lord.

What the Lord can offer is Hope, Truth, and Love.

And Life.

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