Mr. Smith Teaches Us a Lesson About Love

"Love Your Neighbor"

Well, tonight I had the honor of watching a wonderful movie classic, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. A movie I thought at first was too old for my liking. I have an affinity for special effects, high definition, and abstract, but what this movie had behind the black & white, sub-par technology, and mediocre picture quality was something that no movies today have come close to having… Truth and Substance. Mr. Smith’s last stand for liberty and the destruction of the corruption that exists throughout the world brought me to tears of joy. What hit me the most was were his last words to a man he loved his whole life, Senator Joseph Paine, who had turned and stabbed him in the back in the most brutal way, “Love Your Neighbor.” When Mr. Smith fainted on the ground, those words and his stand against the lies before hit Mr. Paine just as much as they hit me. Senator Paine turned around stood up for Mr. Smith after brutally deceiving Congress into impeaching him. He stood up, finally, for truth.

Seeing a man stand up for truth when compromising for the lies and for the world system would have been so much easier, I found that truth, love, and authority are the only things that can prevail against the rulers of this world. This is God’s love. This movie depicted God’s love so beautifully and powerfully because it showed just how powerful love is. It can conquer all. If you haven’t seen this movie, you must. A wonderful example of God’s amazing love and how it can transform peoples’ lives, even if they’ve been molded into kosmos machines…

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