The Lord of Grasping Mouth am I

A reflection on the flesh, and the fallen nature of humanity.

Written 10.24.2010


The lord of grasping mouth am I.


The dead pour from my open maw

My lies put forward, I’ll take all.


I took from those that once drew breath,

And left naught in my wake but death.


I seek to gorge myself on more.

Destroy and pillage with my war.


Not a word of mine is trusting.

Heart is black and of destruction.


I survey flesh and blood and bone

The poison drips.

And lust to take it for my own

Thick from my lips.

Manipulate the innocent

I look and see.

Then rip and steal ‘til wells are spent

I want for me.


I cannot have, I cannot get.

My wineskin has long since been slit.

Wine gushes out, splashes the floor

I cannot stay filled anymore.


None are righteous, not one of me.

Ruined misery marks my ways.

Ruined misery marks my days.

None are righteous, but one in me.


“Their throat is an open grave, with their tongues they keep deceiving; the poison of asps is under their lips” – Romans 3:14



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