What makes us different?

I’ve always been grateful for the things that Xenos does different. Some jump to the conclusion that we are a cult because we aren’t the same as every other church. The problem is the world has become accustomed to the type of church the Lord himself taught against.

The question is, what does make us different? Well I thought of a few things.

True Love
John 13:35
We show actual compassion for the lost. The people Jesus himself showed love for. Feeling the need to help people who are struggling and rebuke those who are involved in possibly personally harmful activities.

True Faith
Philippians 4:6
We invest our heart into our relationship with the Lord. Like any other relationship, the more you get to know someone, look to them for support and receive it, you begin to trust them more. The above verse talks about not even worrying about anything but praying about everything and thanking God for what he has already done. This means we are to have faith that God will provide for us anything and everything we need. Thankfulness clearly plays a large role in this.

True Servants
Matthew 10:8
We give because God gave us everything and more. Those who are mature and a part of Xenos stick to this principle. Many needy people appear and are open to the Lord’s calling. However they sometimes need more then just a relationship with God. When God puts people he has blessed with many gifts into the life of people who are not as well set in the world, miracles occur. People give up their selfish prideful ways and learn to serve. God forgave them for all sins past present and future and is now instructing them to do the same. Another thing that is said is “Love your neighbor”(Matthew 22:39). So through this people are served. If they are hungry they receive the food. If they are struggling finding a job people who are experienced with that help out. If someone isn’t old enough to transport themselves to meetings or to their job or whatever they need to get to, people are there to help.

True Witnesses
Matthew 28:19
God tells us to go and teach the world about him. Obviously we are not reaching the whole world but we are actually reaching people for Christ. Year after year more people come to Christ giving their life a 180 degree turn. People who struggled with drug, sex, and alcohol addictions feel no more need for those things and yearn after deep relationships instead. Helping and loving people then becomes a central part of their lives.

What’s the alternative?
2 Timothy 4:3

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires,

Every city in America is full of ministries like these that call themselves “churches”, whatever that word means. And these “churches” are full of “religions”, again, a word that means whatever you want it to basically.

And so people go to the nearest “religion hut” with their Sunday desire to feel clean again after a week worth of doing what the world desires of you. If we didn’t live in this society, and we read such things from a book, we could easily see how enslaved we are to this world. The daily grind is what we are enslaved to. Constantly doing the same things day after day. “Religion Huts” just became a part of that grind because first of all they are hard to avoid, and second of all society says we should probably choose a “religion”.

Anyways. What happened was at some point, church went sour. Following soon after that, teachers got hired in, not everyone agreed with what they had to say. Some people then leave and go to churches with teachers they can agree with. It’s all a big cycle and none of it matters. There is not a large percentage of churches that have teachers that all agree and can all get up in someone’s place if someone is sick or cannot teach for whatever reason.

That is the alternative. Unlike what the early church had. Unlike what Jesus said it should be like. I don’t want that. It’s clear why so many other people turn away from their “Religious Huts”. They are boring and a big waste of time.


Pardon my dust.

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