The Gratitude Project

Happy Halloween, From All The Wild Things

“Apple, peaches, pumpkin pie, who’s not ready holler, I!”

 Me, that’s who’s not ready. Today, October 31st is upon us. Happy Halloween, Friends. Tomorrow welcomes the month of November and I’m so… not ready. Are you?

What’s a frantic, fall loving gal like me to do. So many plans to make, so many friends and family to visit, and so many new recipes to test on unsuspecting guests. (wink, wink) My head’s in a spin, and I’m talking Linda Blair style.

Okay, maybe it’s not that bad, but you get the picture, right? I’m sure I’m not the only one who sees the writing on the wall, and it’s full of menus, chores, and seasonal commotion. If you have children, multiply the chaos factor by the number of kids that you have, or that linger in your house, and add 1 for each in-law you have. (Just kidding, Folks, I love my hubby’s family.)

Yes, tomorrow my little desk calendar will read November 1st, My heart will pound a tad bit harder. My throat will tighten as my clenching jaw joins in the fun. My brow will furrow just enough to be noticed. (I know, Mom, you warned me and now it’s stuck that way.) Egads, it’s true, November heralds Thanksgiving. Contrary to what my appetite is telling me, it’s not all about the grilled turkey and homemade pumpkin pies. Mmm…pie  It’s about gratitude.

Determined to be proactive against my inner angst and melancholic tendencies, I have devised a plan to counteract my mantic lifestyle, tormented mental state and anxious spirit. I need some strong medicine. I call it the Gratitude Project. It’s just what the doctor ordered. To get with the spirit of thankfulness, starting November 1st, I will post one thing for which I am grateful. Care to join me?

If so, feel free to post here those things for which you’re thankful. Or, jot down your list in a fancy felt journal or nearby tablet. Be sure to share your list with your loved ones. This could be a family project. I know I’m always trying to find meaningful ways in which to bring my sons together.

Gratitude has a way of branching out and upwards!

On November 25th, or whenever you are gathered together with your friends and family, share your lists. Express your heartfelt thanks to God. You don’t have to share everything, just a few items. You’ll be surprised how quickly gratitude can spread.

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