What a Firecracker!

Here’s someone who can tell it like it is! Christine Caine, Global Ambassador for Hillsong Church in Australia, talks about “Identity Theft” – how the modern church needs to return to its true purpose. That would mean “loving what God loves”, Christine says, and if you know any Bible, you know that means “for God so loved the world…!

She’s blonde (and married), surprisingly short (a couple feet shorter than Rick Perry, the host), and she’s a firecracker! Perry introduced her with the highest praise they give down there in South Carolina: “She ate grits for the first time, and ate the whole bowl!”

For over 20 years she’s been part of the leadership team at Hillsong Church, the world-famous source for worship service music, so we might expect a song and maybe a tap dance, right? Not at all. She doesn’t even sing, she says. Rather, she’s involved in rescuing victims of the sex slave trade in Europe and evangelizing pagans everywhere she can.

“Seventy percent of the world’s Christians were in Europe. Less than 100 years, only 1% of the Europeans are ‘Evangelical’…the church is only one generation from extinction,” she said. “This is what happens when the church stops being the church.” Say it like it is!

“God wants your hot,” she says. What? My hot? Then she goes on: “I want your hot to beat for what my hot beats for, God tells us.” Okay, that’s the Australian version of “heart”.

She has an amazing story of sexual abuse for 12 years and how she found a new, victorious identity reaching the loss. She’s passionate and cool. Watch her jump around the stage!

(If the movie doesn’t play on this page, you can go to http://www.newspring.cc/series/identitytheft/what-the-church-is/ to watch it.)


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