It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I made this from cedar, arborvitae and holly clippings. I like it!

At last, it really is looking like Christmas here at the Beech House. After years of talking the talk, I made a gorgeous wreath to hang at our front door. It turned out pretty nice.

Today, is cookie day. I have high hopes that the boys will want to help out, but reality is that teenage boys rarely want to get involved with baking. Time sure has sped by … it seems like just yesterday they were tugging at my apron strings and flour was being tossed about in every which way. It took days to clean up. Those boys looked like cookie creations themselves.
Instead of moping about in the kitchen all by myself, I’ve decided to make a zillion cookies once again with or without the assistance of my four sons. I’m sporting my little red apron and heating up the oven. Recipe books are strewn across the counter and ingredients are piled high. My ole’d kitchen CD player is playing my favorite holiday music and I’ve got my dancing shoes on!
I am making little holiday “hello’s” to bring to my neighbors houses. It’s time for new beginnings in light of so many recent endings. Time for me to build new bridges and connect with those in my own backyard. I am excited by the prospect, yet nervous too. Wish me luck.
I chose hope and not despair … as God is hope and a redeemer of the lost. Here is to clinging to Him and the hope that he brings. Yes, it really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas, for light always streams forth from darkness when we look to Jesus for answers.
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