A History of Mars Hill Church

Just watched Mark Driscoll’s podcast of the history of Mars Hill church in Seattle WA:

“God’s Work Our Witness” – 12/4/2011 http://marshill.com/media/gods-work-our-witness/gods-work-our-witness

It is a very cool story of God’s movement from some very Pagan Christian beginnings. They definitely experienced and struggled with many of the same things we’ve experienced: nomadic existence, pagan xians, church without walls, no music (at least for a time), etc…

Today they are a more established large church with meetings in four states via multi-site technology. They also are very active in church planting and leadership development. But it is very encouraging and inspiring to see how God used them for the “jokers” they were, opened doors, broke them, and bore much fruit. Like they say in their podcast, it’s not a blueprint for how to grow, but it’s riding the wave of grace at this moment. I think it encouraging too, because this sort of thing God is going on now through our little church.

Definitely worth a listen. Men, especially pay attention to the two stones.

I don’t know about the “Jesus Flag” though at the large gathering they recently had at Quest Park in Seattle. I did like their little baptism tubs they set up there, something we may need to do someday in a pinch.

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