Human Trafficking

Rather than blurt out my feelings, I am starting a series about something that is growing increasingly closer to my heart. Human trafficking, aka sex trafficking.

I’m sure a lot of you have seen the movie “Taken.” It was a good movie. I would call it a horror movie because who could ever imagine being taken and sold into slavery on a trip to France? Well, that happens daily in Europe and it even happens in Ohio. Yes, the place where nothing happens, Ohio. Toledo is the third largest city for child sex trafficking. CHILD sex trafficking. Toledo is approximately 2 hours away from us. Is this getting real yet?


I’ve known about sex trafficking since seeing Taken, but I haven’t given it much thought. I mean who wants to think about it? Girls from toddler ages to teenagers getting raped close to home isn’t exactly proper dinner conversation. It first hit home for me when I heard about the A21 campaign. And then I saw a video they posted called “In her shoes.” It shows a girl (high school age) getting ready for a formal while paralleling another girl, same age, getting thrown about, forced into cars, into rooms with men, sobbing over a sink and, at the end of the night, passing the high school girl (they are the same person.) When I saw this, my reaction was that this could have been me. I would have never thought this could happen to me, I mean I live in America. But I’ve even been to janky places like India and I wondered around Germany alone… I was never taken. Yet girls my age are taken. Every day.

We could sit back and shut our ears to the harsh truth surrounding this industry, or we could do something about it. I believe Xenos could do something about it. Donations, promotions, prayer… We have power here with the Lord & we could really be helpful and maybe even spread his word to these victims if we have the chance.

Now this is me on fire. I am currently doing more research & I will report back so that you can learn while I learn. In the meantime, check out A21 and PRAY! Here is a prayer guide:

(Courtesy of the A21 website. Link above if you cannot read the picture.)

Also, I have been in contact with some local Cleveland organizations and will be looking for opportunities to serve to help this cause while furthering research. (I’ve also asked my high school newspaper to do an article about it, but we’ll see where that goes. lol)

If you have any questions or are interested in volunteering/donating/information, my e-mail is I can hook you up with some contacts. I will be back soon with more information, statistics, and ways we can help!

Thank you!

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