Knock Out

The first rose bloomed today. Psychologists say scent is the sense most strongly linked to memory. Which is why you shouldn’t plant a rose bush while awaiting bad news.

Memorial Day weekend: two year anniversary but sometimes it feels like it just happened. Simon makes it so much easier, but it still hurts. Sometimes I think, that couldn’t have happened. But then I’m crying so I know it did.

Cinco de Mayo: my second due date. I was able to let the day pass without sorrow because I’m glad Simon’s birthday is still months away. And of course because I can’t imagine having any baby besides Simon. I am so grateful to God for Simon; he is such a miracle.

Spring: this warm weather is reminding me of last summer when I was finally feeling confident about my pregnancy. What a special time of anticipation, awaiting your first. I was so excited just to decide what stroller to get or what color to paint his room. Relatively insignificant matters, but the chance to consider such questions felt like a huge blessing. I think this May it’s hitting harder than last because at this time last year I couldn’t let myself think about it too much.

My first Mother’s Day: I love being a mom and I’ve never been happier. Simon is so cute and fun, and not too complicated yet. He is even getting a little more cuddly! He’ll be nine months next week which doesn’t seem possible. He loves pulling up on everything, eating bananas, chewing on other people’s toys, and sticking out his tongue while playing. He was definitely worth the wait.

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