Vacation, Moceanu, & More

Two months ago I made a goal to blog at least once a month. Clearly I have not been meeting this goal. I could offer many excuses such as computer problems, I have a 1-year-old, and the always-applicable “things have been crazy” but actually I just wasn’t sure what to say.

So here’s the round-up:

1. Vacation is different when you have a baby. To those of you thinking Duh, well…yeah. It took me a minute (okay days) to adjust to this fact but we had a blast. I also had an epic outburst accusing Neil et. al. of misogyny, from which I repented, but also got 2 sleep-ins out of it! I am so bad. Neil is actually a very involved and amazing father.

We went to the Air Zoo, children’s museum, carousel, Lake Michigan beach, sunset, and other fun trips! It was really fun seeing the kids all play together at the house we rented, too. We are very fortunate to have such fun friends to vacation and raise our kids with.

2. Simon has been very happy and fun since he is better at walking. However he is heading toward rebellion, as expected. After being told not to smack the tv, he returned to defiantly lick the screen. “Look Mom, no hands!”

3. I met Dominique Moceanu. It was awesome. She seems like a very balanced, grateful person despite the extremes she experienced growing up and being an elite gymnast. I got my 1996 Olympic issue of International Gymnast autographed, and she seemed impressed that I had the magazine! I got a picture with her which did not save on my phone. Bummer. But I did get a picture of her with my friend’s daughter. Meeting her was quite a thrill. Maybe I just don’t get out much. I’m so glad my MIL told me about the free event.

4. We went to a weekend leadership retreat while MIL babysat Simon, and I remembered what it’s like to have a coherent thought. Actually I had several, but I lost my voice almost as soon as we got there so it was a challenge to communicate them. My big take-aways from the retreat were: have a Mom’s Night Out on a monthly basis (hell yeah!), stay friends with pre-parents, and read/think/talk/pray about parenting instead of asking for a parenting class. Because we really need to think through some of these things ourselves, and ask for advice when we need it.

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