2012 in Retrospect

My annual year-in-review blog comes a few weeks late due to log in problems. 2012 was a year of change in many ways.

Last January, Neil and our best couple friends left the high school group we’d been leading and loving for 3 years to rejoin our peers in an adult home church. There were many reasons, but ultimately it was time for us return to our people—those we went to college with and are now raising kids with, and others we’ve met along the way.

The reunion has been good and hard, like most of life’s worthwhile endeavors. Sometimes we miss the excitement and carefree fun of the high schoolers, but I also love being with my friends, studying the Bible at a deeper level, and relating about babies, husbands, and more. This year has initiated a new season in life, or at least we’ve started to grasp and accept the blessings and challenges of this season more fully.

The blessings have included new and closer friendships, especially but not limited to fellow moms. Having our first child has brought my neighbor and me together and I’ve enjoyed getting to know her better this year. I also got to know an old friend’s new wife and I’m grateful to have another very sweet and encouraging friend. Re-entering adult ministry has also provided the opportunity to get closer with ladies from the Mom’s Group we go to. And through the library I met another play group of friends.

Speaking of Mom’s Group, we grew so large this year we had to split into two groups. With 13 moms and 17 kids, we were running out of space, safety, and coherent conversations. While it was sad to split up, I count it a victory that we are a fun enough group to grow so large.

One of my sisters got married, and another returned from a year of travel so all 5 sibs were together twice this year!

Last August, one of my friends told me she became a Christian (she was an atheist when we met), so that was a huge cause for joy this year too. Now she’s started a Bible study at her university.

We also traveled to California, Arizona, Florida, and Michigan with our travel-friendly Baby Simon, who is now officially a toddler. Since this time last year, he’s gone from rolling over to running and peach fuzz to long blonde curls. He’s starting to talk, climb, express preferences (and his will), eat with a spoon, and imitate us much more. He’s so fun, charming, good-natured, funny, full of energy, and strong-willed (yikes!). He also sleeps past 7am now. J

I enjoyed watching the U.S. Gymnastics Team win Olympic gold for the second time ever, and got to meet 1996 champ Dominique Moceanu.

Parenthood, the new time & emotional demands of adult ministry, and my eternal moodiness made 2012 a challenge to our marriage in some ways. I never under what people meant by “communication problems” so much until this year.  I’m learning how much I live in my own world, with my own agenda, even if it’s just to mop the floor, and how I need to get out of my head to encourage my husband. I heard someone say that marriage is essentially selfish until you have kids, and I believe it. It costs so much more to sacrifice for Neil now that I’m taking care of Simon all day. And though I want to do it, I’m still learning to how to keep a good attitude and not take out all my emotions on him. Neil is, as always, a kind, helpful, sensitive, and stable husband and I’m a brat for ever complaining about him. 2012 definitely taught us the sanctity of date nights. And during the first week of 2013, we celebrated 7 years of marriage!

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