My Baby is a Biohazard

Why did no one tell me that the hardest part of parenting (so far) is flu season?

Maybe I should’ve remembered my mother’s many days taking care of an ever-rotating sick roll of five children. But I didn’t.

Just before Christmas, we got terrible head colds. Mine was the worst I can remember. I don’t even think I knew where my sinuses were before that. I tried the netty-pot for the first time, based on Neil’s promise that I would see various-colored gunk. It was a false promise, but provided some relief all the same.

The last week of January we got hit with a horrible stomach virus.

And last week, we got it again. Just before leaving for playgroup Monday morning, Simon blew out of his diaper. I remained in good spirits for the first two days. I tried to enjoy having a calm, cuddly toddler who wanted to read lots of books and would even stay in the same place I left him! I wondered if other children act like this when they are well, and if I ever might have such a child (but I missed my spunky boy).  I even did a p90x video and kickboxed to a mantra of “Eff you, norovirus!” The third day I got puked on all day, and, you guessed it, day four I got the disease.

Simon sleeping on the couch

Simon sleeping on the couch

I felt the worst physically the first two days but I tried to console myself with the fact that I’d be doing better on day 3, based on the last round. But as I continued to be sick, even though I didn’t feel as bad, I started feeling hopeless and discouraged. One night I kept bursting into tears (a waste of much-needed hydration) because it felt like I’d never get better or see any of my friends again. By the end I could eat but still couldn’t leave the house, if you know what I mean, and it seemed like nothing would ever change because my stomach was fine but my intestines were not.

It so hard being stuck inside with a sick toddler when you’re sick too! We survived with a lot of Baby Einstein, help from Neil, and whining from both of us. And then, on day 6, I woke up and was better. Neil miraculously never got sick, and Simon will be out of the “very contagious” stage as of this evening. And at the end of our 20-day immunity, we’ll be camping in the fresh sea air of Florida. I can’t wait!

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  1. Diana says:

    Aw, I just saw this post! Simon is so cute all sleepy! I CAN’T IMAGINE being at home for 7 days straight sick and taking care of a sicky toddler 🙁 Glad you made it out alive! And my life was very boring without you guys!

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